DOUG 0.2
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DOUG_utils.F90 File Reference

#include <doug_config.h>

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module  DOUG_utils

Module with various helper routines.


#define float   real


subroutine DOUG_utils::doug_callme (ival, dval, indi)
subroutine DOUG_utils::wait_for_debugger ()
logical DOUG_utils::ismaster ()
logical DOUG_utils::isslave ()
subroutine, private DOUG_utils::util_logStreamCreate (stream_type)
subroutine DOUG_utils::util_profStreamCreate ()
 Creates profiling file stream if specified in command arguments.
subroutine DOUG_utils::DOUG_abort (message, err)
subroutine DOUG_utils::DOUG_quietAbort ()
subroutine, private DOUG_utils::util_initMPI ()
subroutine DOUG_utils::DOUG_Init (init_type)
subroutine, private DOUG_utils::util_finalizeMPI ()
subroutine DOUG_utils::DOUG_Finalize ()
subroutine, private DOUG_utils::util_parseArgs ()
subroutine, private DOUG_utils::util_printCtrlFileInfo ()
subroutine, private DOUG_utils::util_printVersion ()
subroutine, private DOUG_utils::util_printUsage ()
subroutine DOUG_utils::CtrlData_initFromFile (CtrlFileName)
subroutine, private DOUG_utils::util_actionOnCtrlArg (word1, word2)
subroutine DOUG_utils::SharedCtrlData_print (noheader)
subroutine DOUG_utils::MasterCtrlData_print (noheader)
subroutine DOUG_utils::CtrlData_print ()
subroutine DOUG_utils::SharedCtrlData_MPItypeCreate ()
subroutine DOUG_utils::SharedCtrlData_Bcast ()
integer DOUG_utils::length (string)
subroutine DOUG_utils::getword (string, num, wordx)
character *(300) DOUG_utils::tolower (string)
subroutine DOUG_utils::FindFreeIOUnit (found, iounit)
 Finds first free IO unit starting from 7 to 99.
subroutine DOUG_utils::WriteSolutionToFile (x)
 Writes vector x to the solution file.
subroutine DOUG_utils::WriteSolutionTextualFormat (iounit, x)
 Writes the solution to an iounit (which is probably connected to a file) in textual format.
subroutine DOUG_utils::WriteSolutionBinaryFormat (iounit, x)
 Writes the solution to an iounit (which is probably connected to a file) in binary format.
subroutine DOUG_utils::quicksort (n, indx)
 sort integer array using quicksort algorithm
integer DOUG_utils::random_integer (mini, maxi)
 Return random integer in the range [mini,maxi] with even distribution.
subroutine DOUG_utils::rand_intarr (n, riarr, mini, maxi)
 Evaluate array of random integers in the range [mini,maxi] with even distribution.
subroutine DOUG_utils::random_permutation (n, inds)
 Permute randomly the given array.

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#define float   real