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ElemMtxs_base.F90 File Reference

#include <doug_config.h>

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Data Types

type  ElemMtxs_base::ElemMtxsChunk
 ElemMtxsChunk type A helper structure used for distributing matrices. More...
type  ElemMtxs_base::ElemMtxsPacket
 ElemMtxsPacket type A structure for tracking element matrix packets being sent. More...


module  ElemMtxs_base

Base types for element matrices and matrix distribution.


#define float   real


subroutine ElemMtxs_base::ElemMtxsChunk_Init (chunk, nell, Msh)
subroutine ElemMtxs_base::ElemMtxsChunk_Destroy (chunk)
subroutine ElemMtxs_base::ElemMtxsChunk_recv (chunk, Msh, p)
 Wait for chunk from other processor When p is not specified, a chunk from any processor is accepted.
subroutine ElemMtxs_base::ElemMtxsChunk_fillInDense (D, chunk, M)
 Fill in dense matrix out of element matrices.
subroutine ElemMtxs_base::ElemMtxsChunk_print (chunk)
 Print out element matrix chunk.
subroutine ElemMtxs_base::ElemMtxsPacket_Init (packet, Msh, nelems)
 Initialize packet.
subroutine ElemMtxs_base::ElemMtxsPacket_Destroy (packet)
subroutine ElemMtxs_base::ElemMtxsPacket_send (packet, Msh, p)
 Send packet to processor p.
logical ElemMtxs_base::ElemMtxsPacket_sendInProgress (packet)
 Check if packet sending is still in progress.
subroutine ElemMtxs_base::ElemMtxsPacket_wait (packet)
 Wait for packet send request to finish.


integer(kind=1), parameter ElemMtxs_base::D_ELEM_INNER = 0
 Element types: element is considered 'interface' element when some of its freedoms are shared with elements from other partitions.
integer(kind=1), parameter ElemMtxs_base::D_ELEM_INTERF = 1
integer, parameter ElemMtxs_base::D_ELEMMTXS_IN_PACKET = 1024
 Packet size - element matrices are distributed with this granularity.

Define Documentation

#define float   real