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This page contains information about fortran scanner for doxygen. This is extension to original Doxygen written by Anke Visser (J├╝lich Supercomputing Centre) and Oleg Batrashev (University of Tartu). The code is not complete, but is supposed to handle most common fortran 90 syntax. Use !> and !< for special comments and !> or !! for special comment continuation.

Like this
  !> Build the restriction matrix for the aggregation 
  !! method.
  !! @param aggr information about the aggregates
  !! @todo Handle special case
  subroutine IntRestBuild(A,aggr,Restrict,A_ghost)
    implicit none
    Type(SpMtx), intent(in) :: A !< our fine level matrix
    Type(Aggrs), intent(in) :: aggr
    Type(SpMtx), intent(out) :: Restrict !< Our restriction matrix

To make it work it is only necessary to specify *.f90 pattern in Doxyfile. You may also set OPTIMIZE_FOR_FORTRAN option to YES.

fixed format code

You can now (version 1.5.6-SVN) also use comments in fixed format code
C> Function comment
C> another line of comment
      function A(i)
C> input parameter
        integer i
      end function A
Specify *.f for FILE_PATTERNS and set EXTRACT_ALL to YES if you want to see global functions in documentation.


  • DOUG docs
  • Code by Alin M. Elena who essentially helped in testing the extension.


Bug list related to this functionality is available from GNOME bugzilla. Open bug list is here.


In no particular order, version or time when to be implemented is unknown. I tend to improve code once a month or two. Your help is more than welcome, look at the bottom original patch which gives the idea of how doxygen is extended (two lex files for fortran parsing).
  • Handling statements delimeted be semicolon (this may break code in rear cases)
  • Fix bugs related to references (see bugzilla)
  • Show programs in call diagrams
  • Handle cpp and fortran includes

1.5.7 (1.5.6-SVN)

  1. Prepassing for F77/Fixed format code (r633)


  1. Fixed problem in 1.5.5
  2. Universal handling of line continuation (&) with prepass.
  3. Some other substantial fixes.


Fortran code parsing is broken.
The fortran code in Doxygen 1.5.5 is broken. It should be fixed in 1.5.6 or the version of 1.5.5 after 9. march 2008. It will also contain some fortran parser improvements.


First somewhat working version.


These patches are out of date. The newer code will appear in doxygen-1.5.4, you can find the latest code in doxygen SVN.

1.5.2 20070610 (patched)

University of Tartu 2007-2008, info(REMOVEME)